Fresh Almonds, Green Beans, Peach and Grated Duck Liver Parfait
White Asparagus Soup, Grapes, Ricotta and Toasted Crumpet
White Beetroot, Baked in Clay, Smoked Eel, Sake Cream and Char Roe

Warm Bantam’s Egg, Celeriac, Arbois, Dried Ham and Chestnut Mushrooms
Hampshire Buffalo Milk Curd, Broth of Roasted Onions and Gruyère on Toast
Cornish Cod, Toasted Grains and Parsley

Native Lobster, Wrapped in Shiitake, Lemon and Pea
Herdwick Lamb, Purple Aubergine Dusted with Black Tea and Olives
Berkshire Muntjac, Endive Cooked in Grilled Oil, Red Leaves and Vegetables
Iberico Pork, Shallot and Beer Cream, Black Pudding and Crackling

Brown Sugar Tart, Stem Ginger Ice Cream
Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Chantilly, Vanilla and Mint
Wild and Gariguette Strawberries, Honey Cream and Buffalo Milk Meringue
Millefeuille, Alphonso Mango and Lime Leaf

Cheese from the Trolley, £12.00 Supplement (£18.00 as an extra course)

Prices Include Service and Tax

Food allergies and intolerances: before ordering, please speak to a member of staff about your requirements.